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Women of the PIT

Women of the PIT

Ok - today Carrie and Jenny are in the Valentine's Day spirit!  Each of these guys has been a loyal, one-woman husband for years (we hope!)  Who is the most ROMANTIC and sexy guy?  HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!  Tune in next week for the Silver Fox edition!  ; )

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Poll: Who is the Most Romantic Sexy Guy?
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Hey Ladies!

Carrie and I disagree on the hottest guy this week.  Carrie thinks it's Johnny Depp and I think it's Brad Pitt.

Vote below and tell us which one you prefer. (Check out last week's winner below.)

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Poll: And the sexiest guys is. . . .
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And the Winner from last week was. . . .

RYAN GOSLING - click here for more photos of Ryan!

Ok, so this picture isn't exactly what we would have picked (we were hoping for something shirtless) but Eric Decker is our choice for this week because he's athletic (see: built,) he's tall and he plays for the best team in the NFL!

What The Women at The office like to talk about

This week Carrie and Jenny have selected Paul Rudd!  He is the man that every woman pictures being married to and growing old with!  AWWWW!!!  He is hilarious, charming and has the kind-of charisma that only a guy that doesn't take himself too seriously can have.  We heart Paul Rudd!

Ryan Reynolds

Channing Tatum


Bradley Cooper

Bradley Cooper is Carrie and Jenny's pick for this week BECAUSE - he is gorgeous.  He knows how to wear a suit and his eyes are piercing.  In this picture, he looks very serious (while still hot) but he also has a sense of humor - a must.  Carrie and I (Jenny) were just talking about how he got his start in Alias.  If you remember ladies - yeah.  Our favorite moment however is the slow motion walk in Hangover.  We LOVE Bradley COOPER!  

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