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Swap Meet

Swap Meet

4-stroke bought in 2007.

I have only been able to ride her a handful of times since then because of back issues I have, and with my first kid on the way I would like to sell to buy her the things she needs when she is born in april. it has just been sitting in my garage for a year and hasnt been touched.

I am originally asking 1900. I have a helmet, Size 9 1/2 Boots, Chest protector, and knee/shin pads that ill throw in with the deal. It has a few dings on it as you can see in photo four and is missing the right side fender that goes over the battery. it has AVS levers on it.

Contact 720-732-9776 if you need any other information please email or call me. thanks again for your help and everything you guys do at the station.

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