Pamelaaaaaaaaaaaaa...what are you DOING.  I thought you were against porn...but yet, you're okay with making a racy ad about a vibrator, where you implement USING it on yourself...???  And that's okay????

I mean, I ain't MAD at it, let's be clear...because Pamela looks A-MAHHHH-ZING.  She really does.  How do her hands look so youthful?  Is that a weird observation?  Yes, Ashlee...yes it sure is.

Regardless - you be the judge!  Is this lingerie ad like porn??  Is Pammy Pam a friggin hypocrite?  Or am I off my rocker again???

Either way - SHE'S HOT.  So I guess I am okay with it after all. ;)

Have a GREAT weekend my loves - make sure to tune in MONDAY because we will be broadcasting LIVE from Aulani!  Weee hoooo!!!!

WARNING: This video contains minimal nudity and the F BOMB aka profanity.