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Guy Tests Whether Or Not Psychics Are Real

Well played
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The Making of 'Hardwired'

It's so cool to see Metallica having fun in studio
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Bodycam Shows Cop Save A Man Trapped In A Burning Car

Damn, that was insane
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The Harp Is The Most Metal Instrument

Seriously, it is.
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Subway Performer Covers Tool In NYC

This is certainly a different version of the song
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Korn - Insane (Official Video)

KORN is back
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Zakk Wylde (feat Corey Taylor) - 'Sleeping Dogs'

New music video
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Picking Up Girls On Mushrooms

Yeah, that didn't work...AT ALL.
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U.S. Pole Vaulter Stops Mid Attempt When He Hears National Anthem

Sam Kendricks is a member of the United States Track and Field team, as well as a United States Army reservist. During a warm up attempt for a qualifying round in the pole vault, Sam heard the...
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Cyclists Rolls Up On A Rattlsnake

Not smart man, not smart at all
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