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Peyton Manning Reacts To Eli's Sad Face

Peyton Manning's entire family celebrated when they realized he was about to win Super Bowl 50, well almost his entire family. His brother Eli didn't celebrate per say, but he did have the best...
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Von Miller shows off his style and dance moves

When you're the Super Bowl MVP you're going to make appearances on a lot of talk shows. Von Miller appeared on Ellen  earlier this week, as well as The Late Late Show with James Corden to...
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Super Bowl 50 Mic'd Up Highlights

The players and coaches were mic'd up during Super Bowl 50. Listen to frustration of Ron Rivera and the Panthers, as well as the chants of PFM from the Broncos offensive line in the...
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Garbage Truck Catches On Fire, Then Explodes

Well, that's not something you see everyday. This New Jersey garbage man was just going about his day when all of the sudden a massive fire broke out in his truck. No, he didn't pick up a flaming...
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Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition - Curvy Gals

Sports Illustrated is taking a new approach this year for their popular Swimsuit Edition by adding their rookie class and the Swimsuits for All campaign. It will feature some curvy ladies like...
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PuppyMonkeyBaby - Still The Strangest Thing Ever

When I was on Radio Row in San Francisco I overheard a conversation about the PuppyMonkeyBaby. I thought it was some sort of inside joke until I saw a lady carrying around a PuppyMonkeyBaby DOLL!...
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President Obama's Call to the Broncos

The Broncos are going to the White House! Check our President Obama delivering the good news to Gary Kubiak and Demarcus Ware, and even comparing our defensive group to the legendary '85 Bears...
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Citizen Pulls Over A Cop For Speeding

Look guys, I get it, some police officers are bad apples and exercise their authority in the wrong way. This lady thought that this police officer broke the law he is supposed enforce by speeding...
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Woman Catches Her Man Cheating So She Totals His Car

According to YouTube, this lady found out her dude had a side chick. So she did what any rational person would do by hosting a real life demolition derby in the streets! (LANGUAGE NSFW)
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STP Needs A New Singer

Stone Temple Pilots has had a little bit of a rocky last couple of years. First they announced they were going on tour with Chester Bennington of Linkin Park. The tour was a success but just a few...
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