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Virtual Reality Duck Hunter

If you guys haven't tried any of the Virtual Reality stuff that's out, you really need to. It's awesome and I might have a reason to actually purchase a set of googles with virtual reality Duck...
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Dude Pulls A Gun At A McDonald's Drive Through

I'm not sure if the clerk made this dude's burger order wrong, or McDonald's was out of McNuggets and that's what started this beef (pun intended) in Salt Lake City. Either way, it escalated...
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Aussie Cops Are Pretty Lenient

So it turns out that Australia cops don't have time for shenanigans or arresting people that assault them. Apparently these dumb dumbs are brother and sister and got into a drunken argument in a...
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12 Year Old Girl Has 1,000 Ants In Her Ear

I don't know how these things happen, but I do know that every time I get an itch in my ear now I'm going to think it's something horrible like an entire ant colony trying to burrow into my brain....
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Shark Attack At An Aquarium *GRAPHIC*

Normally this is a routine procedure but that was not the case on this day. Divers were conducting a routine checkup on a pregnant shark inside an aquarium when all the sudden the shark got very,...
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Von Miller's New Cleats Are A Direct Shot At Super Cam

Von Miller tore Cam Newton up in Super Bowl 50, but that wasn't enough for Von. He decided to take shots at the Carolina Panthers QB off the field by taking a not so subtle image of kryptonite and...
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Peyton Manning Reacts To Eli's Sad Face

Peyton Manning's entire family celebrated when they realized he was about to win Super Bowl 50, well almost his entire family. His brother Eli didn't celebrate per say, but he did have the best...
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Von Miller shows off his style and dance moves

When you're the Super Bowl MVP you're going to make appearances on a lot of talk shows. Von Miller appeared on Ellen  earlier this week, as well as The Late Late Show with James Corden to...
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Super Bowl 50 Mic'd Up Highlights

The players and coaches were mic'd up during Super Bowl 50. Listen to frustration of Ron Rivera and the Panthers, as well as the chants of PFM from the Broncos offensive line in the...
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Garbage Truck Catches On Fire, Then Explodes

Well, that's not something you see everyday. This New Jersey garbage man was just going about his day when all of the sudden a massive fire broke out in his truck. No, he didn't pick up a flaming...
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