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Lingerie Ad Gets Pulled For Being Too Steamy

I don't see anything wrong with this
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Regular People Try Punching A UFC Fighter In The Face

And it goes about as well as you think.
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Sewer Fishing Isn't For The Average Angler

Don't eat those fish
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Jet Powered Longboard

No more pushing with your feet, though stopping is a bit of an issue
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Northern Lights Experienced Through A Drone Camera

This is pretty majestic
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Don't Bring Your Lady To The Strip Club

In fact, you might want to avoid them all together
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Guy blows up beer kegs with dynamite

This is alcohol abuse and I won't stand for it
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Canadian Man Robs A Liquor Store In Full Hockey Gear

Not sure the stick was necessary
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Drunk Guy Who Passes Out On Random Porch Ends Up On Snapchat

The homeowner seemed pretty cool about the whole thing
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Picking Up Girls Is As Easy As Saying 'I Like You'

It's all about the confidence fellas
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