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Is Dave Grohl featured on the next KORN album?

Serenity of Suffering hits stores October 21st
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New At Noon: Kaleo - 'No Good'

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Behold - The Motorcycle Swing

Because regular swings are lame
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Guys Calling Mental Dibs

This is actually pretty accurate
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This Man's Workout Routine is LITERALLY Insane

And we thought Crossfit was for crazy people
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New At Noon - Avatar & A Day To Remember

Two new(er) tunes are coming your way every day! Today's selection were from Avatar and A Day To Remember!  What do you think? Let me know in the comments below.
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#TBT - Tool Performing In 1991

Proof that Maynard has always been...odd
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Dave Grohl & Prophets of Rage

The gang covered MC5's 'KICK OUT THE JAMS'
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A Guy's Reaction To The Hot Girl At Work

The end is a little rough
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Dude Catches A Massive Endangered Sawfish

Glad they were able to get that fish back in the water
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