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Denver Rocks The Rockies



One man, two guitars

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A Gym Specifically For Stoners?

A new gym will be opening in San Francisco soon, called Power Plant Fitness, which is going to target people who want to stay in shape and also use weed. Jim McAlpine is the man...
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Roundabout? Ain't Nobody Got Time For That

Decent air time
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Human Powered Helicopter

Seems like a lot of work
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Game Of Thrones Pick Up Lines

Could you score a date saying "Winter Is Coming."
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Picking Up Girls With A Speech Jammer

It actually worked
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Newsroom Guest Sparks Up On The Air

On a live interview on a news program in South Africa discussing the country lagging behind the world in cannabis legalization, the guest tries to make his point by lighting up on the air! Well...
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Dad Pranks His Son With Tesla Summon Function

"Dad, the car is moving!"
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Driving A Lambo Up A Glacier

Good thing it has those sweet snow tires.
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Combat Juggling

Yeah, this is a thing
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