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Dad Punishes His Son By Boxing Him

This is pretty brutal
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Metalachi - Symphony Of Destruction

Happy Cinco De Mayo
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Slow Mo Guys Pop A Balloon With A Man Inside

For science
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The New Team Galag Batmobile

This thing is a beast
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Kid Tells Funny Story About Camel And Strippers While Coming Out Of Anethesia

This kid has a very wild imagination. While he was coming out of anesthesia following surgery, he told an incredible story about buying a camel in Dubai and visiting the strip club. This kid is...
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Former Olympic Wrestler Takes On 7 Police Officers

This deserves a medal!
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Game Of Thrones Theme - Metal Version

Dada da da Dada da da Dada da da, da da da.
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The Devil's Bleeding Crown - Volbeat (Lyric video)

Check out the lyrics for Volbeat's newest single 'The Devil's Bleeding Crown' off of their upcoming album Seal The Deal And Let's Boogie out June 3rd! 
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Von Miller Impersonates Elvis on DWTS

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Banjo Of Puppets

Rob Scallon is back at it again!
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