New music venue coming to Colorado Springs

Ok, I'll say it. The music scene in Colorado Springs is...lacking. But the folks behind The Orion hope to change that. Their slogan is "The Future of Live Music in Colorado Springs" and their plan is to bring both local and national acts to a fresh, new, centrally located venue - hopefully starting this year.

According to their website:

Our mission is simple: let the music lead. Through a thoughtfully crafted space, an authentic and inspired musical experience can captivate your soul, an audience… even a community. The Orion and the Side Door will bring performances to Colorado Springs that will enhance, elevate and add to the increasing vibrant community of live arts and culture. After a complete renovation of the old Blue Star Restaurant at 1645 S Tejon St in the Ivywild neighborhood, we will be bringing big-time music to Colorado Springs!  

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