Metal Shop 2019

For Metal Shop 2019, we are going to sup-up a Subaru Impreza Outback Sport! The 'BPI Family determines the build, and one lucky 'BPI Family member will win it!

Every week, you have the chance to vote on a new part of the build or upgrade. Follow the link below for this week's option:

Here are the ways you can score a Metal Shop Key that could start the completed Subaru Impreza Outback Sport at the Grand Finale Event. Every key that we give away also comes with a pair of tickets to Sabroso Craft Beer, Taco & Music Festival at Fiddler's Green on April 28:

  • ON-AIR: KBPI will be giving away 2 keys a day from February 2/25 – March 29. LISTEN each weekday at 9am and 5pm. When you hear the cue, call 303.713.ROCK and caller 10 will get a key.
  • VOTE: We need your help with the build. Everyone who votes from February 26 – April 5 will be entered for a key. There will be a weekly drawing. So don’t forget to vote each week!
  • METAL SHOP KEY STOPS: Details coming soon!
  • WILLIE B’S GARAGE: Listen to Willie B’s Garage on Saturdays.
  • NEWSLETTER: The 'BPI Family will have a chance to win keys when they receive the weekly KBPI Newsletter. If you don’t receive those newsletters, CLICK HERE to sign up now.

The Grand Finale Event will be on Saturday, April 13 at Kennedy Station (10890 E Dartmouth Ave. Denver, CO 80014).

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