Budweiser just unveiled their holiday cans; looking for the new 'Pupweiser'

Budweiser just unveiled their new holiday cans and they're super cute and festive. They feature winter landscapes and DOGS! And right now they're looking for their next 'Pupweiser'. The dog that wins will be featured on next year's can! This year's Pupweiser is a St. Bernard named Wilson. (See him HERE.)

The coolest part is that for every entry, Budweiser will donate $1 up to $25,000 to ASPCA, which is an non-profit organization that works to prevent animal cruelty.

Here's how to enter: just comment on Budweiser’s Facebook post starting November 16th. You can also post a photo of your dog on Instagram or by Tweeting with the dog’s photo, all with #PupweiserContest.

Get more info here.

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