This Is Colorado's Best College Town

Springtime at Pearl Street Mall in Boulder

Photo: Getty Images

College towns make for awesome places to live, whether you're attending college or not. These bustling centers have plenty of youthful energy and plenty of things to do. From restaurants and bars to live music, theaters, and sporting events, there's usually no shortage of activities in these cities.

Far & Wide got curious and found the best college town in every state. Researchers looked at several rankings and sources to determine their list, including USA Today, College Ranker, Best College Reviews, Best Value Schools, and more.

According to the website, the best college town to visit in Colorado is Boulder!

Writers also explained why they picked this popular city:

"Boulder is renowned for being an outdoor lover's dream, with hundreds of miles of bike paths and sidewalks beckoning people to abandon their cars and use their feet. The average residents in Boulder are only 28 years of age, according to USA Today, which is 10 years younger than the country's median age. Attribute the age to the fact that the town is home to six different colleges and universities, including the University of Colorado – Boulder.
"Best College Reviews loves Boulder so much, it lands at No. 1 on its list of the 50 best college towns."

Click HERE to check out the full list!

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