Here's The Best Traditional Restaurant In Colorado

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Every city and town has a thrilling food scene and has created some national favorites. Think key lime pie, Philly cheesesteak, Nashville hot chicken, Chicago's deep dish pizza, and many more beloved dishes. Some places, however, have fascinating food that never leaves the borders of their state.

To get readers curious about different cuisines in the country, Reader's Digest found the best traditional restaurant in every state. Here's how they made their picks:

"Our picks for the best traditional restaurant in each state include eateries serving dishes that reflect the locale, iconic establishments and places locals rave about. Some are fancy enough for special occasions (think an anniversary or Valentine’s Day dinner), while others offer outstanding food in a casual environment."

The Fort Restaurant is Colorado's top pick!

Writers explain why they chose this spot:

"Serving more buffalo than any other independent restaurant since the 1960s, The Fort Restaurant finds inspiration in traders, trappers and First Americans from the 1800s. Its menu is packed with wild game dishes like Roasted Bison Marrow Bones, William Bent’s Grilled Quail and Elk Medallions, along with not-so-traditional homemade desserts, such as its signature dessert, Negrita—Myers’s rum whipped into dark chocolate and served in a chocolate cup."

You can find the Fort Restaurant at 19192 Highway 8 in Morrison.

Check out the full list on Reader's Digest.

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