This Is The Quirkiest City In Colorado

Big Blue Bear at Colorado Convention Center in Denver

Photo: Getty Images

If you ask anyone about the strangest places they've been, it could be a major city or an under-the-radar town. But weird doesn't mean bad! In fact, it can lead to unique and exhilarating experiences you'll never forget. These traditions and activities may even become the key things attracting tourists.

For those curious about kooky places to visit, Reader's Digest found the quirkiest city in every state. Writers named Colorado's capital as the state's quirkiest city: Denver!

Some of the Mile High City's landmarks and popular attractions have strange histories. Did you know that a past mayor was gifted a black bear, which would lead to the creation of the Denver Zoo? The destination is also known for more particular customs, as writers point out:

"Widely known for the prevalence of cannabis, this city plays host to the only known temple to to the intoxicating hemp plant, a.k.a. the International Church of Cannabis. Open since April 20, 2017 (the pot smoker’s holiday, 4/20), this establishment treats the plant as a holy sacrament. Church-goers follow a unique religion known as 'Elevationism,' and claim that use of cannabis elevates one to higher self-understanding."

If you're looking to add more thrilling destinations to your bucket list, check out the full list on RD's website.

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