Popular Colorado City Named One Of The Best Fall Travel Destinations

Longs Peak Bear Lake autumn

Photo: Brad McGinley Photography / Moment / Getty Images

As many people return to school or wrap up their summer vacation, fall becomes the best time to take a trip somewhere. Cooling temperatures and fewer crowds mean experiencing more of what a certain destination has to offer. While autumn is the peak time to view some colorful foliage, millions of Americans also look forward to harvest seasons, local festivals, scenic hikes, and other exciting activities.

That's why Travel + Leisure released a list of the best U.S. cities that are perfect for an autumn getaway. Twenty-one amazing destinations got the spotlight, including a popular spot in Colorado: Denver! Here's why writers say you should include this city in your travel plans:

"The leaves start turning early in the resort towns outside Denver, but the city’s foliage takes center stage during October. You can see it nicely from the Cherry Creek Regional Trail, or along the High Line Canal, lined with brilliant yellow cottonwoods. Beer aficionados, however, might be forgiven for never noticing any trees. Fall here brings a series of beer festivals, including the Denver Oktoberfest."

If you need more travel recommendations, check out the full list on Travel + Leisure's website.

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