Beloved Restaurant Named Colorado's Best 'Hole-In-The-Wall' Diner

Scrambled Egg and Cheese Breakfast Wrap

Photo: LauriPatterson / E+ / Getty Images

Everyone knows that one diner that always puts a smile on your face. We're talking about those no-frills, all-chill establishments serving up cheap eats, comfort food, and everything in between. Even better are the ones tucked away or located off the beaten path -- that's how you know these meals are the real deal.

If you're curious about these beloved diners, Cheapism updated their list of every state's best "hole-in-the-wall" diners. Writers said they "scoured the country and checked reviews on sites such as Yelp and TripAdvisor as well as rankings by expert food writers for some of the best hole-in-the-wall diners, all of them longtime favorites with even longer lists of regulars."

According to the list, Colorado's top hole-in-the-wall diner is King's Chef Diner! Here's why this restaurant is getting the spotlight:

“Whether you're ordering an omelet, a breakfast burrito, or something different, chances are it comes topped with green chili at this pint-size, purple-turreted castle — and fans love it… While the steak and eggs is impressive, for really big appetites there's the Thing — bacon, sausage, or ham, a layer of hash browns, and two eggs on Texas toast, topped with cheese and green chili. Eat all of your meal and get a Clean Plate sticker plus a piece of candy.”

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