Iconic Colorado City Among The 50 Best Places To Travel In 2024

Rear view of woman standing on mountain against sky,Steamboat Springs,Colorado,United States,USA

Photo: Sant Vallo / 500px / 500px / Getty Images

We're currently in the last stretch of 2023, and everyone is already thinking about what trips to take next year. Travelers are almost spoiled for choice between high-profile metropolitan cities, charming small towns, and places that tourists often overlook.

If you're itching for a special vacation next year, Travel Lemming unveiled its annual list of the best places to travel in 2024. Writers noticed their collection is "dominated by remote destinations and hidden local gems perfect for longer trips." They also believe travelers should "slow down" on their trips by either extending the time or enjoying every little moment.

The roundup includes all sorts of iconic and under-the-radar locations from across the globe, including destinations in Australia, Colombia, Canada, Japan, France, Thailand, Italy, and much more. Several U.S. cities and towns appeared on the list, including a popular city in Colorado: Steamboat Springs!  Writers had something to say about this esteemed location:

“Glide across Champagne Powder® at a world-class ski destination, which holds ties to more winter Olympians than anywhere else in the US. Athletes, artists, and artisans thrive in Steamboat, which doubles as a cultural haven."

If you want to add more stellar travel spots to your bucket list, visit Travel Lemming’s website for the full roundup

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