Colorado Restaurant Serves The 'Best Bacon Dish' In The State

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Very few people can say "no" to bacon. This touch of salty goodness can be found in sandwiches, breakfast plates, desserts, and all sorts of delicious creations. Many people are also happy eating slices à la carte as a snack, appetizer, or treat. With many eateries and establishments finding creative ways to include bacon in their dishes, some are bound to catch the attention of curious diners.

That's why LoveFood published a list of every state's best bacon dish, from humble offerings to outrageous creations. Writers considered reviews, awards and accolades, and first-hand experiences for their selections.

According to the website, Colorado's top pick is the Signature Bacon Flight from Bacon Social House! This charming restaurant chain is all about bacon, and one of their most popular offerings is a plate of six different kinds of flavorful slices. Here's what makes their bacon so tasty:

"Serving what it calls a 'bacon-forward brunch menu,' Bacon Social House is definitely one for lovers of all things porky. Among several bacon-filled brunch dishes is the restaurant's jaw-dropping Signature Bacon Flight, which features six mouth-watering types of bacon – pecanwood, BBQ, candied, French toast, chile lime, and a special 'bacon of the month.' Customers say it's the ultimate bacon experience."

Bacon Social House has two locations in Denver and one in Littleton.

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