Viral Packing Trick Gets Passenger Banned From Flight

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A passenger learned a hard lesson about following viral internet hacks at Orlando International Airport. A video posted on TikTok by @natashaorganic showed an interaction between a passenger and the gate agent over what he claimed was his carry-on.

Instead of packing a regular carry-on-sized suitcase, this passenger decided to listen to the internet and stuff all of his belongings into a pillowcase. He thought that by claiming it was just a pillow, he could bring it onto the flight for free and avoid paying extra fees for an additional carry-on.

He argued with the gate agents, who told him he would have to pay an extra fee if he wanted to board his flight with the stuffed pillowcase. The man refused and continued to argue with the gate agent.

After going back and forth, the man finally gave up and decided to pay the fee. Unfortunately for him, it was too late, and the boarding door had already closed, leaving him stuck at the airport with a pillowcase full of his belongings.

The man refused to leave and continued to argue, forcing the gate agent to call the police. An airport police officer arrived and escorted the man out of the airport.

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