7 Rules You Should Know Before You Go To Red Rocks

Red Rocks Season is among us. While we love our favorite spot to catch a show in the summer, there are some rules you need to abide by - like no climbing on the Rocks. That's probably the most known example but here are 7 rules you might not be aware of...

1.) No Sunscreen Allowed

If you're worried about the burn, you might want to cover up in something beside the Coppertone because Red Rocks has said NO when it comes into bringing in the UV protection. Back in my younger days Sunscreen bottles were an easy way to smuggle in booze so maybe that's where this rule came into play...

2.) No Selfie...Sticks Allowed

Selfie sticks are a thing of the devil and Red Rocks has rightfully banished them! If you need a moment to be vain, you're just gonna have to up your snapchat and Instagram game the old fashioned way - by making your friend with the long arms take the photo.

3. A Full Apple A Day Must Stay Away

Healthy snacks are ok to bring, but you better make sure they are cut up. First off, organizers don't want you to throw them at the talent on stage. Also, some fruits and veggies have been known to be used as "smoking devices" in Colorado. Yeah, they're harshing your buzz on this one dudes.

4. No Totem Poles

I'm not sure who's just carrying these around at shows, but don't do it at Red Rocks. It's a real rule.

5. No Hula Hoops

Gyrating hips and spinning in circles need to be saved for the parking lot. Red Rocks is way to crowded for the hoops, hula and otherwise.

6. Sorry to Rain On Your Parade...

But umbrellas are a no go. Aside from the fact that they block everyone's view, this is also an apparatus that can apparently be turned into a bong too. Us Colorado people are crafty. 

Bring a rain jacket or a poncho.

7. Get Your Shine OFF

To protect the amphitheater and its surroundings, you are forbidden from bringing glitter into Red Rocks. Gum is also not allowed – protect our parks, people!

If you need to know what other items you can't (or can) have, click here.



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