Fear Pong is the new intense drinking game

Fear Pong is going to be all the rage at your next bbq. It's like Beer Pong but you don't only drink the cups of beer when your opponent sinks a shot. You also have to perform some intense dare. Here's the official rules.

How Fear Pong Works!

Similar to Beer Pong, the objective is to land the ping pong ball in the opposing's team cup. If the ball lands in their cup the opposing team has to drink the beer inside. The first team to get rid of all of the opposing teams cup wins! 

The Cut put a spin on this classic game by putting dares underneath the cup. If a ball lands in your cup you either have to do the dare underneath said cup and keep the cup in its place or drink the beer inside! 

Check out the game below and see if you want to take your Beer Pong skills up a notch.



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