Ivan Moody Says "This Is My Last Show with Five Finger Death Punch" in Tilburg

Something is going on with Five Finger Death Punch. The band performed in Tilburg last night and fans got a show they'd never forget when Ivan Moody announced on stage that this was his last performance with the band, but that's not even close to where the trouble started. 

According to people in attendance, Ivan didn't even join his band on stage until the third song. Ivan's friend Tommy Vext handled vocals for the first two songs and then when Ivan finally made an appearance he chose to jump in the crowd. During BURN MF you can see guitarist Jason Hook become frustrated and slam his guitar on stage before walking off never to appear again. 

Zoltan Bathory did respond to a fan on an Instagram post saying that there were a lot of errors going on with the equipment and crew (read that response here), and Ivan was just "pissed". It seems like more is going on but as a fan I hope this isn't the end of Five Finger Death Punch.  



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