Jason Hook slams Ivan Moody on social media

Jason Hook seems to be upset about something or someone. The Instagram account 5fdpdaily posted an image in support of Ivan Moody's battle with addiction and the Five Finger Death Punch guitarist chose to comment "Piece of s...". If that wasn't enough, Jason also did a little "vaguebooking" on Facebook to vent his frustrations. While he didn't target Moody directly in the post, the timing combined with the Instagram comments certainly imply he directed it at the Five Finger Death Punch frontman. It's also odd that the Facebook post has been removed but not before our friends at Rock Feed grabbed a screenshot which you can see below.

This certainly doesn't paint a great picture for how the rest of the band feels towards the current frontman. Maybe it was just frustration or maybe there's a bigger battle going on, only time will tell. 



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