Pair Your Booze With Your Music

Have you ever been at a bar and had trouble picking a drink? Well now thanks to you can let the music that's playing pick your drink for you! Here are some of the music and drink pairings that Drinkify suggests:

Pantera - 6 ounces of Jack Daniels, straight up.

Chevelle - 1 Schlitz, served cold.

Johnny Cash - 4 ounces of Jack with 4 ounces of honey, served in a highball glass.

The Pretty Reckless - 1 PBR, served cold.

Five Finger Death Punch - 8 ounces of Schnapps. Yep, schnapps. 

Rage Against the Machine - 4 ounces of Jack Daniels with 4 ounces of coconut milk and egg, serve in highball. 

What are you listening to? Hit up Drinkify to figure out what adult beverage you should enjoy with your favorite artists! 



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