Aurora Theater Shooting Victim Needs Our Help

This story breaks my heart man. It's been five years since that sad night in Aurora when James Holmes opened fire on a theater in Aurora. Many lives were lost, and many were wounded. For the survivors, the night will not only mentally haunt them, but for victims like Joshua Nowlan, the physical pain also remains.

Nowlan was struck by bullets in his arms and legs. He's undergone 8 surgeries to deal with clots, remove shrapnel and save his life. On January 5th, he will undergo another surgery - this time to remove his lower leg. Josh has been living in pain for 5 years and despite everything available to him in Colorado, he hasn't been able to manage it. Doctors said the only other option is to remove his leg.

A friend of his setup a donation page to help him pay for the tens of thousands of dollars he had in medical expenses. If you have time to spare, check out the full story.

If you have a buck or two, let's help this amazing survivor get the pain management he wants and deserves.



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