A Giant Pumpkin Festival Is Coming To Colorado

Attention all basic fall people in Colorado, a new festival is coming to town called Pumpkin Nights! I'll admit it actually looks pretty awesome. 

Chelsea Kasen, Co-Founder of Pumpkin Nights said, “Our favorite way to explain the event is to tell people to think of the most fantastic, cool, Christmas lights display but involving a better holiday—so Halloween. We’re [the Pumpkin Nights staff] all Halloween fanatics and pumpkin fanatics, and so Pumpkin Nights is a pumpkin-themed walkthrough. Much like a Christmas lights festival—but involving pumpkins." The festival is a half mile long and features a pumpkin patch, pumpkin painting and even pumpkin carving artists, plus much much more. 

All I want to know is are there Pumpkin Spice Lattes and who's coming with me to check this thing out?

Grab tickets at pumpkinnights.com



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