30 Years Ago: Nirvana Perform on 'SNL' as 'Nevermind' Hits No. 1

On January 11, 1992, Nirvana hit the stage at 'Saturday Night Live.'

The band's first-ever performance on the show included "Smells Like Teen Spirit" and "Terrestrial Pissings," which led to some famous destruction on stage.

The same day 30 years ago also marked 'Nevermind' knocking Michael Jackson's 'Dangerous' off of the top of album charts.

“I mean, our friends, these guys that we know, knocked off the King of Pop" Soundgarden drummer Matt Cameron would later tell VH1. "It was great.”

It was a tumultuous time for Kurt, though. He overdosed on heroin at the SNL after show party.

The night before SNL, Nirvana played at the MTV studios.

00:01 On A Plain [soundcheck]
03:30 Sifting [intro drum]
03:44 Stain [soundcheck]
07:09 unknown song [soundcheck]
09:38 Hellbound jam [Breeders cover (just briefly)]
10:42 Drain You
14:25 School
17:19 Molly's Lips [Vaselines cover]
19:09 Polly
21:54 Aneurysm
26:21 Smells Like Teen Spirit
30:59 Territorial Pissings

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