Ozzy Osbourne Once Spiked Sharon's Dinner With 'Black Hash' Marijuana

"He made me a stew with some s**t in it," said Sharon in an interview with Zane Lowe. Ozzy initially denied the accusation, stating, "I never f***ing did that." 

He eventually came clean and admitted to slipping the hash into his wife's food.

After Ozzy Osbourne spiked Sharon's dinner with "black hash" marijuana, he claimed she threw a phone at his face. In addition, Sharon smashed Ozzy's late friend Randy Rhoads' guitar against the wall.

Then, in a TikTok video of the interview, the grinning singer indicated where the phone had hit him by placing one palm over his nose between his eyes.

Sharon added that she does not do things like that, and the spiked food made her crazy and violent.

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