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50 Things to do before you turn 50

1. Sport a really short ‘do especially if you had long hair all your life.

2. Dye your hair a different color. Opt for a shocking shade and make jaws drop.

3. Get your portrait taken by a professional photographer.

4. Grow your hair really long and donate it for cancer patients.

5. Take martial arts class because you don’t know when you will need to defend yourself from crooks.

6. Do an activity that scares you to death like sky diving or bungee jumping.

7. Climb a mountain.

8. Sleep over a place rumored to be haunted.

9. Take on a physical challenge like a marathon or triathlon.

10. Join a protest group and fight for something you truly believe in.

11. Consult a psychic even if you’re not a believer and see what the future has in store for you.

12. Swim in the ocean without anything on.

13. Stand under a waterfall and experience nature’s very own massive shower head.

14. Step foot at a karaoke lounge and sing your heart out.

15. Learn a new hobby such as crocheting, pressing flowers, scrapbooking — anything will do.

16. Create something from scratch. It doesn’t matter if it’s a stool, mini pond or lemon meringue pie.

17. Grow your own vegetable and herbs and enjoy the nutritious fruits of your labor.

18. Try to learn a new language.

19. Donate blood and be a Samaritan anonymously.

20. Have a movie marathon involving most especially over-hyped flicks.

21. Watch a rom-com and eat ice cream like you’re heartbroken.

22. Read a novel that got everyone talking about it.

23. Try to visit as many of the 7 continents as you can

24. Live in another country most especially one that has a different or really interesting culture.

25. Eat exotic foods, especially the kinds you find gross or simply eccentric.

26. Engage in a food fight like you’re back in high school.

27. Devote an entire day consuming nothing but all of the foods you are avoiding for fear of getting fat.

28. Buy a bottle of a really expensive wine and indulge.

29. Learn to make cocktails and host a cocktail party.

30. Splurge in an item that you really want to own such as a pricey jewelry set.

31. Hit an expensive open house and pretend you can afford it.

32. Drive around the city aboard a limo like you’re royalty or a world-famous celebrity.

33. Buy an expensive piece of artwork and proudly display it at home for everyone to marvel at.

34. Quit the job you really loathe and prove that not all quitters are losers.

35. Apply at jobs you may not be completely qualified for just for the sake of seeing what might happen.

36. Speak in front of people be it at the workplace or your friend’s wedding.

37. Fulfill at least one of your dreams no matter how big or small it is.

38. Hop in your car and drive without actually knowing where to go or how to get there.

39. Have a pet most especially something that you have never tried taking care of in the past.

40. Volunteer at a local animal shelter.

41. Hand your packed lunch to a homeless person and make someone’s tummy happy.

42. Turn your back on people you don’t really like such as terrible friends.

43. Forgive someone — an ex, a friend you had a falling out with, etc.

44. Date someone who is completely not right for you just for the experience.

45. Engage in a mud fight because it’s fun and actually good for the skin.

46. Watch a pop concert and dance like there’s no tomorrow.

47. Witness a grand sporting event even if you’re not really into sports. Holler like you’re a huge sports fan.

48. Go on a spontaneous adventure with your friends, the kind that’s cooked up just minutes ago.

49. Head to a place without a cell phone and the internet for days.

50. Take a look at your family tree.


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