Speed limit to decrease on some roadways in Colorado Springs

We've seen a record number of traffic fatalities in Colorado Springs this year and something needs to change, so by the end of the month,  the speed limit will decrease on these 4 roadways here in the Springs:

- Academy Boulevard from Pikes Peak Avenue to Milton Proby Parkway: 50 mph to 45 mph

- Centennial Boulevard

-North of Garden of the Gods Road: 40mph to 35 mph

- Flying W Ranch Road from Centennial Boulevard to 30th Street: 35mph to 30mph- 21st Street from Lower Gold Camp Road to US 24 West: 40mph to 35mph

Personally, I don't think lowering the speed limit will make much of a difference - I think distracted driving is the biggest problem, but I appreciate that they're trying the make the roads a safer place to drive.

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