Get Paid To Get High...For Science

Well if you spend a ton of money on the green stuff in Colorado, now is your chance to get paid to smoke it. A new study is being conducted to see the direct correlation between people who smoke and drive. According to Ashley Brooks-Russell, an assistant professor at the Colorado School of Public Health at the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus, "The goal is to better understand impaired driving so that we can prevent impaired driving,"

She is co-directing a study to find out how marijuana affects people who use it every day, people who use it once or twice a week and people who don't use it at all.

Some qualifications are required according to the CU website:

"This research study is designed to learn more about driving performance. If you are an adult aged 25 to 45 with an active driver’s license who currently use cannabis (by smoking or vaping), or have ever used cannabis, you may be eligible. Adult drivers who do not currently use cannabis are also being recruited to serve as control subjects."

Find out more on this story from The Denver Channel and then find out if you can be a participant here.

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