Colorado is not a safe place for online dating

If you're looking for a Valentine, you might just want to meet someone the old fashioned way in Colorado. did a study where they looked at government statistics for STDs, cybercrime victims, and total funds lost to digital fraudsters in each state and discovered that Colorado is actually the 6th Most Dangerous State when it comes to finding love online.

Here is what the study also found:

  • The East Coast seems to be a lot safer than the West coast. Most of the safest states for online dating were in the east.
  • The safest state for online dating is Maine, followed by West Virginia and Vermont.
  • The most dangerous state for online dating is Alaska, followed by Nevada and California.

The site did suggest some tips to help put you at a lower risk if your shot by a love arrow in the next couple of days. They include taking your own ride to meet a date for the first time, meet in a public place instead of inviting them over for "netflix", and if they message about asking for personal or financial data, then it's time to make like Patrick Swayze and ghost that person. Of course if things start getting hot and heavy on the first date you should make sure you have the proper protection as well.

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