The Original Roma Restaurant in Greeley up for sale

Could it be an end of an era for a popular Northern Colorado pizza establishment? The could be the case according to a new report from The Greeley Tribune focused on The Original Roma's restaurant. In the story they say that the current owner, Jon Shaw, has decided to get out of the restaurant business after 15 years of owning the popular pizza joint. He's making the decision to focus on his other career as a UNCO Admin, and his family.

The Original Roma restaurant has been part of the downtown Greeley community since 1988 so it would be a shame to see that no longer be the case. Shaw did say that he hopes the new owner would keep the tradition as brand going as they are all part of the building sale.

Oh, that number to buy Roma's by the way is $498,000, but I think whoever bought the building wouldn’t have a problem eventually making investment that back, as long as they kept the brand going. I was up there for UNC's Homecoming this year and the place was packed for hours.

Honestly, I don't think a half a million bucks is a bad price to pay for all you can eat pizza and all you can drink Bazookas. In fact, I'm half tempted to start a Go FundMe just so I can relive my glory days at the University of Northern Colorado. Who's with me???

Read more here - The Greeley Tribune

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