Hand That Feeds 2020

The Denver Rescue Mission started in 1892 and for 128 years the Denver Rescue Mission has been serving the needs of the poor, hungry and homeless through emergency services, rehabilitation, transitional programs, permanent housing assistance and community outreach.

Last year the Denver Rescue Mission provided 773, 717 meals to the poor and hungry men, women and children of our community!

KBPI Hand That Feeds is our largest drive!!!

It only costs Denver Rescue Mission $1.92 to provide a meal to the poor and hungry!

Here is a breakdown of how your generous donations can offer hope to individuals and families experiencing hunger:

  • $15.36 would provide 8 meals
  • $23.04 would provide 12 meals
  • $38.40 would provide 20 meals
  • $57.60 would provide 30 meals
  • $192.00 would provide 100 meals
  • $288.00 would provide 150 meals
  • $384.00 would provide 200 meals

We are serving more poor and hungry men, women and children than ever before due to the pandemic!

‘BPI Family there is no one like YOU when it comes to helping the poor and hungry!!!

We are so especially grateful for your much needed kindness and generosity which means so much during these difficult times!


We need you KBPI Family!!

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