It's been one year since...

It's been one year since our last "Normal" day at the radio station. We invited people down to win fabulous prizes in the form of Toilet Paper and Paper towels. The next day, they closed to office to all visitors and non-essential workers.

After one year, we reflect on thigs we haven't done for an entire year:

No concerts. In this industry, one of the perks is a constant stream of concerts. For the past 25 years or so, I've been going to 10-20 concerts a year, and all of a sudden, no more concerts. No over priced beers. No tall people standing right in front of you. For a whole year.

No Movies. The last movie I saw in theaters was Call of the Wild. Before that, my girl and I went to at least one movie a month. No movie theater popcorn. No Sticky Floors. No trying to look tough as you walked out of an Avengers movie with a sad ending. For a whole year.

No Rock and Roll Car Show. This was one of the best events of the year. No sore feet from walking 10 miles in flip flops. No Sunburn. No Funnel Cakes. For a whole year.

All the other things I've missed in the past year: Amusement parks. Elitches FrightFest. Breakfasts in the Suite. Opening Day. Comedy Works. Hugs from Mom.

Let us know what you've been missing for the last year.


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