Cozy Restaurant Serves The 'Most Perfect Pizza' In Colorado

Pizza with very much cheese melting.

Photo: davit85 / iStock / Getty Images

Nothing can top the long-lasting charm of pizza. The satisfying bite of bread, sauce, and cheese plus the many yummy toppings can make for a simple yet delectable eating experience. That's also not including all the various modifications, like square pizza slices, stuffed cheese crust, and regional specialties such as the Chicago deep dish. Pizza also has the benefit of convenience, too, as diners can enjoy the dish inside a trendy restaurant or in the comfort of their own home.

LoveFood updated a mouthwatering list for the die-hard pizza lovers out there. The website revealed the best place to grab the "most perfect" pizza in each state.

According to the roundup, Colorado's best pizza place is Joy Hill! Here's why this acclaimed restaurant is getting the spotlight:

"Adored by Denver pizza lovers, locally owned restaurant Joy Hill is a charming spot for a slice. It serves sourdough pizzas topped with locally sourced ingredients such as bison chorizo and homemade mozzarella, plus there's a well-stocked bar including natural, organic wines. Its interiors are low-key and cozy, and there's also a huge rooftop patio you can eat on."

You can find Joy Hill at 1229 S Broadway in Denver.

Want the scoop on more delicious pizzas? Visit for the continued list of every state's most delicious pizza.

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