Award-Winning Restaurant Has The Best Burgers In Colorado

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Nothing puts a smile on someone's face like the almighty burger. Packed with tasty ingredients and melty cheese, these classic sandwiches come in all shapes and sizes. Pairing a burger with fries and a nice drink makes for a classic meal. There are some eateries and establishments where their burgers are so delicious they win awards or gain national recognition.

Reader's Digest released a list of every state's most delicious burgers. Writers said their selections are loved by customers and earned both critical praise and accolades.

According to writers, Cherry Cricket serves Colorado's best burgers! For nearly 80 years, this Denver-area staple has attracted customers with its award-winning, flavor-packed burgers. The website explained why this eatery's burgers are so good:

"With two locations in Denver, The Cherry Cricket has been a burger institution since 1945. Start by picking your burger base, then go wild with locally sourced and house-made toppings, like crowd-favorite mac and cheese. Tip: Pair one of the award-winning burgers with a craft beer from a Colorado brewery."

If you want to try Cherry Cricket's burgers, there are two locations in Denver and one in Littleton.

Visit for the complete list of every state's best burgers.

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