Ghost Town Named The 'Most Underrated' Spot In Colorado

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Thousands of fascinating landmarks and sites can be found in the United States, from underwater caves and abandoned towns to captivating museums and towering skyscrapers. For many reasons, some intriguing spots may not immediately pop up on people's radars. It's often these under-the-radar locales that offer some truly unforgettable memories.

If you're interested in these destinations, 24/7 Tempo updated its list of every state's "most underrated" attraction. Writers consulted several travel guide websites to put together the list.

St. Elmo was named Colorado's most underrated tourist spot! This ghost town has been preserved for people to learn about its rich history. A general store selling souvenirs and antiques is open from May through September. Writers dove into what makes this abandoned town so appealing:

"'St. Elmo’s population rode the last train out of town and never returned.' At least, that’s what they say. Ghost towns are unique because they are filled with history, intrigue, and questions. Tourists can explore the Town Hall, Stark family residences, the Home Comfort Hotel, and more. Over a hundred years ago, in 1922, the train stopped running. Only a couple of decades later, the last family found their way out of the town, yet the town’s history and pull remain for visitors."

St. Elmo is an hour's drive from Salida.

Check out the full rundown on 24/7 Tempo's website.

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