Small Town Restaurant Serves The Best Chicken Wings In Colorado

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Americans have a special place in their heart for chicken wings. A mainstay at sports bars and Super Bowl parties, these delectable pieces can be cooked in various ways, from grilling and baking to throwing them in the fryer. A serving of chicken wings isn't complete without a nice helping of sauce or seasoning enriching the flavor. Some restaurants even get famous for how downright delicious their wings are.

Mashed revealed its list of the best chicken wings in every state. Willy's Wings serves Colorado's most delicious chicken wings! If you visit this joint, writers recommend you try the mild buffalo-style wings. Here's why this eatery's wings came out on top:

"Even though you usually have to wait 15 to 20 minutes for your order at Willy's Wings, you'll know the wait was worth it after you start chowing down on the best wings in Colorado. Located in the tiny town of Morrison, which has a population of less than 500, Willy's Wings features traditional and boneless wings on its menu and a variety of flavors. Opt for the Mild Buffalo Style Wings, and you too will be thrilled. Most mild sauces are underwhelming, but the sauce at Willy's Wings is so flavorful that you don't need the extra heat."

You can find this restaurant at 109 Bear Creek Ave. in Morrison.

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